5 Secrets for the Perfect Hire for your Business

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If you want your business to be successful, you will need to have perfect people for the job working in all positions in your company. It does not matter if you run a small local restaurant or if you run a multi-billion company with tens of thousands of employees. If you do not have all the right people in all the right places, your business will suffer and you will not achieve success. But how do you make sure you always make the perfect hire?

Well, there are a few secrets.

Secret #1 – Experience over Everything

Experience is the key in the people who apply for a job. In fact, experience is so important that it is sometimes better to go with a candidate that has inferior education when compared to another candidate, but who also has much more experience. Whatever education they have and whatever training they have had, nothing can replace experience. Someone who has done the job for years will be bringing so much more to the table than someone who is only starting.

Secret #2 – Never Underestimate Potential

While experience is one of the most essential factors in hiring, you should also have an open eye for the potential in the candidates. Potential is not always easy to notice, especially if you are not able to watch the candidate do his or her job, but if the really tremendous potential is there, you will be able to notice it. People brush up on their skills and everyone needs to start somewhere. If the candidate has potential, even lack of experience is not that bad.

Secret #3 –Don’t Put too Much Emphasis On the Cultural Fit

The term cultural fit describes a way in which a candidate will fit into a company according to his or her interests, hobbies, world views and other acquired opinions and traits. There is a large number of business owners who put too much emphasis on this and they end up with a uniform staff which is unable to take care of certain problems for the simple reason they are too similar. Cultural fit can often cause more problems than good.

Secret #4 – Test Their Personality

Sometimes business owners get so tangled up in skills, education and experience that they forget to take a look at the personality that the candidate has. This is a huge mistake. Many jobs require people who possess certain personality traits and it is a bad idea to hire people who are not that suitable. Sometimes a person with the right personality but with inferior skills will excel more at a job than someone with great skills but with the wrong personality.

Secret #5 – Sometimes It’s Better to Let the Pros Do It

If you know that your hiring skills are not that great or if you do not have experience, you might want to hire someone from the outside to do this for you. Another case in which you might want to choose recruitment outsourcing is if you are hiring people who will work remotely for you, often from other countries. In such cases, it is best to leave it to someone who has experience in this long-distance recruitment and hiring to handle this for you.

And there you have it, 5 secrets to the perfect hire that should be of great help when you need to hire a new person for a certain job in your company. If you think of anything else, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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    Most important jobs that the HR department does. Namely, they go out into the job market and they find the people who are most suitable to fill certain positions in your company. It goes without saying that..

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