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Welcome to Finance Mom.

At Finance Mom, I believe that everyone want a luxurious life and people have right to fulfill their dreams. I have done it through online business, but result didn’t come in one or two years. I really worked hard to achieve success and pay off all my debts. I was in huge debt a few years ago and now, I’m more than happy to tell all of you that I’m Debt Free. :) I worked 16 hours a day, for last 5 years to come out of my Financial Crisis. I had no experience of blogging and all, but now I have decided to change the life of those people who are still living in Financial Crisis, especially Moms and this blog is dedicated to all those Moms. I saw my mom who always supported me in my tough days, and that’s the reason of creating Finance Mom.

During my financial experience, I had great opportunity to meet thousands of people, many housewives, different professionals from financial and police department, legal consultants & businessmen. Who had problem in investing in the finance markets. This give me a way to gain knowledge on this field, which is now I’m sharing with all of you, so that the problem faced by others will not be repeated again. First of all I want to say, The finance industry mainly comprises banking, non banking financial services, stock market, insurance and others. They play a major role in building the economic framework of the country. Websites about finance aim at providing information and advice on matters like financial planning, stock market movements, money and commodities trading, loans and insurance. You will get solutions to your every financial queries in one click, which is Finance Mom – a single answer for several question.

Finance Mom