How Can You Save Money On Rhinoplasty?


It is no secret that various forms of plastic surgery have gained a sort of prominence in the recent years, and for a reason – corrective surgery can help a person regain their self-confidence and live a life filled with happiness, relieved of complexes and fears. Naturally, there will always be those who are against plastic surgery, calling it “playing God” or “unfair”. And while these advocates of “natural beauty” may have a point to a degree, we believe there is nothing as beautiful as loving yourself in your skin.

Some plastic surgeries are done for appearance improvement while others are performed for health reasons. Rhinoplasty is a great example of the mix of both – some people have had breathing problems their whole life and want to correct that, others just feel their gorgeous face is ruined by how their nose is placed. There are cases where people used to have noses that were just right both in size and shape and functionality but have suffered a sort of injury that ruined that. Whichever the reason of your rhinoplasty, go for what you want.

What may pose as a (bit of a) problem, though is the cost of the surgery. Like any other corrective procedure, rhinoplasties cost a lot. Unless you are really rich, you’ll probably find yourself in a pickle, trying to find the best money solution and go through with the surgery. Worry no more! We have put together a list of things that may be the solution to your financial troubles when it comes to your rhinoplasty.

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If your “nose job” plan isn’t something recent, you’ve probably been planning it for a really long time and therefore – saved (some) money for it. One of probably the best solutions for a rhinoplasty surgery is relying on your savings, not intended for emergencies. Plus, with savings you don’t have to worry about repayment schedules, bank interests and messing up your credit ratings. If, however, your savings don’t cover total amount needed for the surgery, there are other options you can explore (read below).

Health Care or Medical Credit Cards

Since elective medical procedures are an increasing trend, health care or medical credit cards have become an often exercised financing option.

“Medical credit cards allow you to free up using your income, savings and other credits with convenient minimum monthly payments and reasonable interest rates”, explains Sienna Porter, a finance advisor in D&M.

What’s additionally great about these medical credit cards is that you can reuse these for more than one procedure.

Regular Credit Cards / Bank Loans

If you find it too much of a hassle to look for a medical credit card provider, then rely on your credit cards. If your bank is offering installments with 0% interest, take advantage of it and pay up for your rhinoplasty procedure. However, if these 0% interest offerings are a thing in your bank, make sure that you pay up on time. Delayed monthly payments will ultimately result in paying abnormally high interest rates, which can cost more than the procedure alone.

Ankle Sprains: How Can You Save Money On Rhinoplasty? by

Another option is to secure a loan from your bank. There are usually fixed repayment terms and interest rates, so make sure you look into that properly.

Loans from Friends and Family

Relying on your friends and family for support is always an option. Unless you are keeping your rhinoplasty procedure a secret, turning to a trusted friend or family member for financial help is a safe option. If the help comes from within the family, you’ll be able to discuss more flexible payment terms and there probably won’t be any money interest (hopefully!).

However, don’t risk ruining a relationship with your friend/family member over something as tricky as money loan. Unless you are 100% sure that this won’t cause any feud, don’t borrow the money.

Clinic In-house Financing

Given that plastic surgery has become really popular, most clinics are giving their patients deals that will make procedures more affordable. Once you meet with your surgeon for consultation, openly discuss potential discounts and in-house financing for rhinoplasty. A lot of rhinoplasty surgeons are open to working around with patients; if you are lucky, you may even get offered a payment scheme with no or very minimal interest rates!

We have hopefully helped you get an insight into your options for rhinoplasty payment. Before deciding on your payment plan, make sure you think about all of your options well.

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