How to Manage Your Company from Afar

How to manage your company from afar

Going multinational is an inevitable factor in expanding your company at a certain point of development and if you are a success-hungry businessman, you have known this for a while, possibly staving off the decision and saving it for later, for whatever the reason. Well, now you are there, the decision is starring you straight in the eye. You need to go international, but how do you do it?. How are you to establish control over that vast a distance? Luckily, over the course of past couple of decades, the options have grown in number, so you just might pull it off.


First and foremost, managing your business from distance is virtually impossible without keeping in touch with your company detachment abroad. Don’t think you’ve opted out of the need for meetings just because you’re far away. On the contrary, think about increasing them in frequency. Of course, you should aim at nothing short of weekly staff meetings, and this is where remote meeting software kicks in. Tools like GoToMeeting and Fuze provide great relief when it comes to establishing cooperation between your headquarters and the abroad part of your business. Of course, the mainstream media is not out of the question, as Skype conference calls are far from ineffective.


As a business owner, you are the one that gets to decide who is sent abroad. While having trusting employees along your side is a hugely beneficial thing, you should not refrain from sending them away to a distant branch of your company. In fact, every single member of your remote team has to be completely trusted. By doing this, you compensate on lack of your personal presence. Think of them as your emissaries, extensions to your own reach.

This is why loyalty is the key here – you do trust your own arms, don’t you? Before sending them away, you should introduce them with the company’s goals, as well as your methodology. For complete coordination, they need to know you, as well as you them. So make trial runs before going international. Put the selected few in your role for a couple of weeks and see if you can anticipate their moves. This will, in addition, enable you to get to know them better, which is crucial in doing business over long distances.


This is where the technology kicks in. Decades ago, everything about long-distance business coordination was significantly more difficult than it is today. Why? Three words: remote access software for your business. Gaining access over every PC unit has never been easier. By making only a couple of clicks, you can personally gain access to whatever abroad company computer you desire. This way you not only get to keep things in check, but solve potential problems with ease and relaxation. This is the magic of the Internet.


It goes without saying that those individuals you’ve chosen should get significant pay raises. What is it that should motivate your emissaries if not heftier paychecks? But money is not the only factor you have to take into account. There is something just as important – simply be nice to them. They are doing hard work in potentially unknown surroundings, so paying attention to their needs and benefits can go a long way in keeping your company strong, even if it spans across different continents.

Of course, running a company across large distances is not a thing that comes easy. But if you stick to these advices, things should go as planned. Neglect your overseas workers and it could all fall apart, but keep everyone smiling and satisfied and you will be able to reap the benefits in no time.

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