How to save money on medical supplies


Every home should have its own stock of medical supplies. Depending on how big your family is or whether there are members of the family with diagnose and need particular medicine regularly, you’ll probably see to have either the basics or the absolutely needed medicine in stock. While buying a home first aid kit or a box of Band-Aids won’t cost much, paying full price for larger home medical supplies could.

To save drastic amounts of money, you should look into these options:

1. Start with large suppliers

Large suppliers are a pretty good starting point. Apart from them being your regular suppliers, they will be open to give you a quote. Even though their prices aren’t always the best option, they are a great start for comparison pricing.

2. Attend product fairs

Product fairs are a great place to find almost everything you are looking for. With plenty of product distributors hosting product fairs, you may be able to find really good offers. Brands options might be limited, but you will be given the option to compare different types of equipment which will give you an idea of space they will take up in your facility.

How to save money on medical supplies by

3. Go through your doctor

If you were a medical professional, you’d probably know all the tricks in the trade and have the access to much cheaper medical supplies. Since you are not, see if it is possible to arrange with your doctor for everything needed to be ordered and shipped through their office. This way the cost would be much reduced and you wouldn’t have to worry about breaking the bank. In case your doctor doesn’t want to help you out, or you don’t have a regular doctor, you can try and make arrangements with any of your friends who are doctors or medical practitioners. As long as there is proof of proper certification, anyone who is a doctor, paramedic or a nurse may get a discount.

4. Consider online buying

Medical supplies stores and pharmacies tend to be really expensive. Buying things you need online is a real cost saver. Online retailers have much higher volumes of sales given they are buying in bulk and this allows them to give the consumer (you) a much lower price.

3. Buy used medical supplies

Brand new equipment may be incredibly expensive. This is why getting second-hand equipment and supplies may be a great way to save money. It is not uncommon to find used equipment for between 40 and 50 percent cheaper than you would normally pay them, at their regular price.

How to save money on medical supplies by

If you decide to buy used equipment, make sure you:

1. Ask for photos of the piece you are buying taken at different angels. This will give you an idea of the condition this piece of equipment is in.

2. Ask about the age of the item, as well as about what environment it was used in and how often

Pay close attention to yard sales and classified ads if you need a scooter, walker or some other common appliance. It’s probable you’ll find someone who simply doesn’t need these anymore and would sell them at a great price.

4. Get insurance

Getting health insurance is a great way to save money on medical supplies, that is, only if your insurance covers some or all of the cost of your supplies.

You qualify for Medicare if you have a disability or are over 65 years old. Medicare is a government program that assists with medical expenses.

The best way to get exact information about this is to contact your local office. They will tell you all you need to know about the assistance Medicare will offer depending on your individual situation.

5. Ask others

There are probably a lot of people in the same or similar situation to yours. And they were probably as confused about certain things as you are now. This is why you should ask around and consult with anyone you know that uses the same physio equipment you need and ask them if they have been happy with it.

The key to getting your medical supplies in order, as well as, consequently, your budget is to do thorough research and not be haste in your purchases. We hope our guide helped.

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