How to spruce up your yard on a budget


One would say that spending your entire summer with family in a gorgeous yard is the best way to socialize, have fun and relax. However, for such an enjoyment, there is much more needed than just having a yard. What you need is an impeccably maintained yard that radiates in harmony and vibrancy. Most importantly, this is not just a distant, overly expensive idea. What if we told you that you can spruce up your yard and still save your money? If you still don’t believe that’s possible, check out these tips!

Set a budget

The first thing you should do before you embark on such a complex endeavor such as renovating your backyard is to set a budget. Depending on your financial limits, your entire project can cost a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars.  For example, if you’re budget is strictly limited, you should stick to the simpler, yet effective projects. However, more complex and luxury projects, such as setting up the swimming pool or a deck will require investing both your time and money.

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Setting a budget is also very important because it encourages you to be realistic and stick to it constantly. On the other hand, renovating your yard without setting the budget previously could lead either to an enormous disappointment when you realize that you cannot finish something you’ve already started or a complete shock when you realize how much you’ve actually spent.

Consider asking for professional help

Now, you’re probably convinced that hiring a contractor is a real nightmare. Well, it’s not completely true. However, whether you are going to undertake the entire project on your own or hire professionals to do that depends on the very kind of the project. If you’re planning simple landscaping and decorating changes, then you can unleash your inspiration and do that on your own. However, if you’re considering a complete yard renovation, believe us, it is always better to have a licensed professional by your side.

Apart from being equipped with the latest tools and machinery needed for backyard renovation, professional contractors will make the entire project simpler and, most importantly, safer. After all, if you are worried about the high prices, just remember that your every mistake can cost you both a lot of money and your family’s safety.

Have a straightforward plan

Planning a yard renovation without having a clear, straightforward idea always ends up as a huge mistake. What makes such plans amazing is that they are not that complicated at all. All you have to do is to take a walk across your yard and see what you don’t like about it most. If it’s a landscaping, try to imagine your yard without it and think of some other ways to replace your existing plants with others you like most. Do the same with the rest of your yard.

Repaint your deck

No matter how simple it seems, setting a brand new deck up can be really difficult and expensive. That’s exactly why you need to consider repainting or staining your deck. By doing this, you will get a perfect place for relaxation and be able to enjoy its new, perfectly fresh look!

Outdoor furniture

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Once you are finished with landscaping, you should consider adding some comfortable outdoor furniture. When choosing outdoor furniture, you need to pay attention to its quality and materials. Outdoor furniture always needs to be very durable in order to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Apart from buying completely new furniture, you can also repurpose your old furniture, benches or even some wood pallets and make your unique furniture pieces.

No matter if the furniture is set on your deck or in some secluded corner of your yard, you need to protect it from the constant exposure to various weather conditions.  When exposed to the sun or rain all the time, even the most durable furniture will get damaged and look worn out. One of numerous possible solutions to protect your furniture and make your yard even more original is to buy shade sails online. They will add luxurious and sophisticated look to your yard and at the same time, provide you with utmost comfort!

Consider selling stuff you don’t need

“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure,” an old saying says.  In this case, both sides will benefit a lot. Instead of discarding your old deck table, you will maybe sell it to someone who really needs it. Apart from decluttering your yard, home or garage, you will also manage to gather money for some smaller part of your backyard renovation project.

Sprucing your yard up and staying within a budget can be really simple when planned ahead of time. All you have to do is to organize everything properly and you are ready to start. Also, don’t forget do ask your friends and family to do the heavy lifting with you. After all, with a trusted team of people you love, you will have fun and get the job done faster. Good luck!

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