Looking to stay healthy on a budget? Here’s how!

Looking to stay healthy on a budget? by weightlossteasonline.com

The era we live is definitely more concerned with living and eating healthy than any other period before. Whether we owe it celebrities and their perfect bodies or the fact statistics have shown worrying numbers of obese people, truth is – we all need to start living healthy if we want to see an old age.

There is a common misconception that living healthy means spending over your predicted budget, and to some point – it is true. However, to live healthy and eat healthy you don’t necessarily have to go by Gwyneth Paltrow’s recipes that mean have a mean budget. Rather, you can just as easily manipulate the budget at your disposal and tag along for the healthy living ride!

To help you out on this journey, we’ve made a list of things that will hopefully help you out.

Looking to stay healthy on a budget? by weightlossteasonline.comStart with yourself

Getting caught up in talks of how healthy living is something you “simply must do” or are “supposed to do” because “everyone is doing it” is the wrong way to start thing journey. Plus, you’ll never be successful if you are doing it just because someone else told you to. You need to feel it in you that adopting healthy life habits is something you honestly want to do. Not just because it will help you lose a few extra pounds or put you out there with the rest of “oh, I don’t eat that” clique; but simply because you felt it’s time you took your health into your own hands! Once you are clear with that, everything else will successfully follow.

Go shopping for organic

Organic food tends to be pretty expensive, it’s true. However, don’t immediately drop your mission just because you can’t afford that organic avocado that looks so good. Plain healthy foods are also okay, so start small. Some generic items can also serve the purpose as long as you compare the ingredients with the organic versions. You’ll be surprised how many of generic foods are healthy as well. Also, start small – don’t bust your budget on buying EVERYTHING you know it’s healthy RIGHT AWAY. Give your body some time to adjust and see what feels good for your digestion. It is not uncommon to have things that most people like feel uncomfortable for your tummy.

Turn to detoxLooking to stay healthy on a budget? by weightlossteasonline.com

A great way to start your healthy living is to turn to detox drinks, teas and detox plans, generally. Detox drinks usually mean making juices out of various veggie and fruits combinations. These not only taste incredible but are pure concentrations of health! For instance, a carrot, an apple, a cucumber and an orange will make for a fantastic smoothie that you can drink for breakfast and dinner. Also, teas like skinny tea, green tea, black tea and similar options are perfect to cleanse your body and start fresh.

Explore gym membership options

Go to your local gym and talk to the trainers, asking what the best gym membership options are. Don’t be embarrassed to say you are currently on a budget and that you still need a plan. Depending on what you are looking for, whether it’s just staying in shape or losing weight, they’ll advise you best.

These are some basic rules we advise you follow. As you move forward, you’ll learn what feels good for your body and you’ll act accordingly. Oh and – another important tip – when you go shopping for foods, never go hungry!




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