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Who ever said that your work hours have to be excruciatingly tedious? By getting a hold of a couple of useful gadgets and toys, not only can you personalize your workspace, but also make it feel warm at heart, make it more like your home. By doing so, you actually increase your productivity and having something to occupy your mind in a soothing way while taking a break can work as a huge concentration booster and has been known, in addition, to take one’s mind off stressful things.

USB-based Gadgetry

Short for Universal Serial Bus, the uses of the famous USB port are borderline infinite. Just try and focus on the first part of the acronym and it all becomes clear. Here are a couple of interesting ones:

·         USB heating gloves/slippers– These heavenly-smart gadgets are a dream from anyone suffering from bad limb circulation. Never again sit on your own hands, or with your feet crossed under your bum during winter work hours, and go browse for these cute devices for as little as $20.

·         USB cup warmers/coolers– For as little as 10 bucks, you can get a portable, stove-like gadget that will keep your beverage warm during those cold winter days. In turn, whenever your office AC unit just doesn’t cut it during the blazing heats of summer, you can opt for an affordable USB mini-fridge, that is just about large enough to fit that can of Coke inside and provide you with a much needed refreshment.

·         USB cooling fans– The nightmare with these, throughout their history has always been that they were battery-powered. The scorching summer heat has been known to melt the batteries, rendering the devices useless. Well, no more! Through the power of USB, the only thing you have to worry about is not forgetting this gadget at home

Cup & Mug Tweaks & Banter

What is a first thing that comes to mind when the words ‘personal office item’ is mentioned? While some would say family photos, everyone knows a personal mug is an unavoidable part of one’s work desk.

·         Plug Mug– This interesting solution to mug stealing gives a new meaning to the term “personal mug”. Sporting a large hole in it, this cleaver anti-theft comes with a fully detachable plug, conveniently just the right size of the hole. Just remember to take the tiny plug with you wherever you go, and not only does it render the dish unusable for everyone else, but may end up a nice prank for your thieving colleagues.

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·         USB mugs– Were you ever a victim of a sudden work-related call, seconds after you’ve brewed yourself a nice cup of warm beverage, rendering it cold, hours later following your return? These devices use the power supplied by the mentioned USB miracle to keep your beverage warm for infinite amount of time. Never again throw away your perfect coffee!

·         Personalized Stubby Coolers– These babies come in all shapes, colors and sizes to fit any cup, mug, bottle or can and can keep your beverage cold for hours on end.

Funky Keyboards

What better way to bring a lifeline to those exhausting work hours than getting a new keyboard?

·         Laser keyboard– Welcome to the world of tomorrow! This unusually shaped keyboard (comes in a form of a box the size of a small beer can) is actually a projector/motion detector that projects a keyboard onto your desk surface! That’s right, never again mess with stuck keys, crunching sounds caused by all those breadcrumbs inside your regular keyboard, and enjoy the extra space this futuristic device brings about.

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·         Bendi Light Up Waterproof Keyboard– Having a keyboard out of a Star Wars movie isn’t the only way of protecting yourself from the forces of biscuit crumbs and beverage spills. In come the waterproof keyboard! Not only is this thing water-resistant, but fully flexible! So swipe it clean with a moist cloth, roll it up and take it with you, wherever you need it!

Don’t let your mind nag you about being a mere gear in this machine, and feel free to personalize! There you have it, a couple of interesting tips on items to make any murky workday, at least a tad more bearable and inspire an occasional smirk on that gloomy, tired face.

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