Save loads of cash with going green!

People tend to be afraid of new notions, ideas and things and often too reluctant to try them out. And while living green is a thing as old as day, it’s increased popularity in the past ten years made it into a trend more than a lifestyle. Rare are those who understand the true concept of living green and we certainly hope you are one of them… or at least that you’ll become one of them.

A common misconception is that changing your current lifestyle (whether it’s switching to a particular diet or, in the case of this matter, going green) may cost you an arm and a leg when that’s simply not the case. The prejudice lurking around people’s ideas of a firm budget built are products of either wrong information or insufficient knowledge. Either way, we’ll give you some insights into ways going green may turn your life around for the better, help save the planet and save you loads of money in the process!

  1. Eat less meat

We all know meat isn’t the cheapest of things to eat, plus it’s not a friend of the environment either. Believe it or not, meat production results in more carbon emissions than any other protein! This doesn’t mean you should go vegan but learning to prepare a few meals without meat will not only add variety to your plate and save you money but it will give the planet a helping

  1. Go food-domestic

If you live in a house, your yard may be the perfect place to grow some food of your own. Even though it sounds terribly complicated and time-consuming, it really isn’t. Salad greens, green beans, cherry tomatoes and veggies alike are the best foods to grow if saving money is the goal.

If you live in a flat though, growing herbs on a windowsill may save hundreds in the long run.

  1. End food waste

About forty percent of food in America gets thrown away! Even though food chains and restaurants are the primary source to this misfortune, you can positively contribute the situation by only buying what you need. You will save money and help reduce carbon emissions!

  1. Microwave when possible

Microwaves use really little energy and yet have great results when it comes to heating up or even making a meal! There are plenty of recipes for microwave meal preparation you may find, so – check them out!

  1. Opt for reusable water bottles

For some reason, 99% of people drink bottled water with tap water being perfectly fine and drinkable. There is really no need to waste all that money on buying water when you have a healthy water source in your home. Have reusable, BPA-free water bottles at home if you need to fill them when you leave the house, and save the cost of a three-dollar bottle of water!

  1. Take shorter showers

There is probably nothing as relaxing as a long, hot shower but in reality – you don’t need longer than five minutes to wash. “Shaving even one minute off of the daily shower will save nearly a thousand gallons of water every year, which translates into big savings on the water bill—and it’s better for the planet”, explain experts from “Save the Planet” organization.

  1. Unplug everything and opt for energy-efficient appliances

Even when switched off, most appliances use up electricity! I bet now you understand your electricity bill numbers better! The cheapest way to deal with this problem might be to invest in a power strip and turn it off every time appliances aren’t in use.

Further, when the time comes to change some of your appliances, make sure your new purchase is smart. Look for Energy Star Appliances. They do initially cost a bit more to buy, but will pay off in the long run. Plus, they are more environmentally friendly, more durable and will save cash on utility bills.

  1. Dress eco-friendly

Nowadays there are plenty of eco-friendly clothing companies such as BrainTree Clothing, producing eco-friendly wardrobe that looks great and is at the same time a friend to the environment. Since you are already given the option to opt for eco-friendly clothing, do it! Naturally, you don’t have to go full eco-friendly, but choosing a piece or two that was made this way is pretty great.

This guide sums up just some of the ways to join the environmentally conscious wagon and enjoy the ride. Start today!



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