Want to save up on your wedding but still keep it classy? This is how!

Want to save up on your wedding but still keep it classy by miemporium.com.au

Weddings are one of those occasions we look forward to for most of our lives and remember for an eternity. And, throwing a gorgeous wedding is like painting a painting – everyone will have an idea about it, an emotion, a disregard even but the most important person in the whole thing is you and how you feel about it. And your darling, also.

Big or small, weddings are costly adventures – there is so much to do, organize, pay for that it sometimes feels like the best option would be to just elope. Don’t do it for the sakes of a thin budget! We are giving you some of the best ways to save money but keep your wedding stunning!

Rent your wedding gownWant to save up on your wedding but still keep it classy by miemporium.com.au

You’ve probably been imagining what your wedding dress should look like since you were five, but the thing is – after you wear it on your big day, all it will do is collect dust in your closet without ever been worn again. Therefore, buying a gown is a big investment and practically throwing money away. Renting isn’t cheap either but it’s a far better option for anyone who is looking not to bust their budget.

If you are more on a vintage-romantic end, try browsing for a wedding gown in vintage and antique shops – you’d be surprised what all you can find there, and for a great price!

Same goes for grooms – no need to buy a suit. Rent a tux and save considerably!

Foods and drinksWant to save up on your wedding but still keep it classy by miemporium.com.au

Anyone who’s come to celebrate your love, wont mind much about what you are serving. Naturally, you would never let your gusts being served poor food and drinks, nor let them starve but you don’t have to splurge on caviar, champagne, cheese crackers and orange dressings when the wedding can go with a buffet table with a few plates of various foods.

You can always consult with the restaurant or a catering services on what’s the best option, they’ll know from experience. We’d also advise serving entrée duets and skipping the main course. As for the drinks, wine, beer and a signature cocktail/any other drink is pretty cool. An open bar is perfect, but it costs a lot so – maybe skip it. No need for champagne either.

Wedding favorsWant to save up on your wedding but still keep it classy by miemporium.com.au

Normally, you would want your guests to leave with a memory of your day.  However, when the budget is tight, you should reconsider. Photos should do and the wonderful time they’ll have partying with you. As for hens night party supplies consider spending on little things, but meaningful. These girls are your best friends and you know them pretty good, so you’ll know what little things will make them happy, without breaking the bank.


We’ve all got musical friends and music enthusiasts and maybe this is the right time to (ab)use that trait. Talk to a friend who likes playing music (DJ-ing) and does it well and tell him/her you’d love them to DJ at your wedding as your wedding gift. That way, you’ll have one of your friends who actually know your sensibility pick out music, it will definitely be more personal, more sweet and something to remember!

We hope these advice steered you in the right direction! Have fun at your big day, we wish you all the happiness in the world!



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