What to Do with Your Old Jewelry


We want to change the way we dress, the cars we drive and the jewelry we wear every now and then. Some of us inherit precious brooches and necklaces from our family members, but more often than not they do not fit into current fashion trends. So, sooner or later everyone wants to sell their old jewelry. The question is where and how it should be sold.


Local pawn shops

This is the fastest way, since it is a first-person selling. You simply take your jewelry items, go to the nearest pawn shop and let them estimate their value. The advantage of this process is that you get money at once and get rid of the unwanted pieces in no time. However, pawn shops work on a low-profit margin, so the price for your items will not be too high. You have to visit several pawn shops and try to get the best conditions for your valuables.


In-house gold parties

Now we are entering a zone of hazard. Gold parties are organized so that friends and family members sell their jewelry items (mostly gold) and hang out at the same time. From a marketing point of view, it is a perfect combination of gathering potential customers at one place and make a deal with them in relaxed ambience. However, you should always do several checks prior to the party, to get to know the worth of your jewelry, so that you do not get ripped off at the party. Only then should you attend a gold party. When the representatives of the company that has organized the event see that you know your gold, they will either have to offer a more serious price or give up on your case. Moreover, other visitors will also be given better prices for their pieces.


Trading tactics

If you think about the economic events on a wider scale, you will see that trading jewelry for money might not be the smartest thing in the world. In case of a hard wreck of the global economy, paper bills called money will become worthless. In the light of these possibilities, it is smarter to trade your jewelry for a different form of that precious metal. For instance, you could collect all the gold jewelry items and coins you have and trade them for one or more 100 oz gold bars. It is easier to handle one single piece of gold than to waste time on bringing together dozens of gold items, especially in case you have to run from a natural disaster or a war.


Sell it via snail mail

Selling jewelry or gold coins via regular mail is also an option if you need your money quickly. There are companies that buy precious metals this way. You only have to contact them and they will sell you an envelope for your jewelry items. Once they receive them and assess their value, you will be offered a check with a certain amount of money. In case you are not satisfied with the offer, you can always ask them to give you your jewelry back; a pretty straightforward and safe way of selling your jewelry.


In order to free the money from the jewelry items you do not use anymore, you need to sell them. Only when you have that money at your disposal will you be able to treat yourself to new jewelry items.

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